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General school registration fees are not increasing for the 2021-22 school year

Jordan School District, in coordination with schools, recommends fees to the Board of Education for authorization in order to run programs and activities for students. The school district sets certain fees in order to maintain a level of consistency and equity across the district. However, other fees can vary depending on school need. These fees are established in accordance with the rules and regulations set forth by the Utah State Legislature and the Utah State Board of Education.

After two open public hearings, the Jordan School District Board of Education unanimously approved the 2021-22 fee schedule on March 23, 2021 at their scheduled Board Meeting.

School principals have been designated as the administrators of the school fees and fee waivers. Consequently, you should direct questions regarding fees or fee waivers to your principal.

School Fees Parent FAQs

High School & Middle School Fees

  • The 2012-13 year was the last time registration fees were increased. That increase was $5 for middle school (8.3%) and $10 for high school (10.5%).
  • The registration fee has had a number of labels in the past, including textbook fee, book rental, book deposit, activity fee, locker rental, etc.
  • Registration fees could be viewed as a user fee which helps lower property taxes. Along with other general revenues, schools are allocated funds and personnel using money collected through registration fees, property taxes, WPU, and other sources.

Where does the money go?

Examples Include:
Additional School Office Staff
School Supplies
School Textbooks
School Tech. Supplies
School Media / Library
School Postage
Credit Card Fees
Examples Include:

Examples Include:
Field Trips
Pep Rallies
School Pins
ACT Snacks
Region Dues
UHSAA dues
Culture Events
Guest Speakers
Spirit Activities
Service Projects
Activity Cards


Examples Include:
Award Breakfasts
School Pride Items
College Awareness
Sophomore T-Shirts
Welcome Back BBQ
Graduation Expenses
Student of the Month
Academic Certificates
Maintaining Equipment
Charity Drive Activities
Homecoming Activities
End of Year Recognitions
Hope Squad / CURE / LIA Student Leadership Groups