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2020-21 High School Fee Schedule

The Maximum Aggregate per year for each student is $7,000. (Includes all fees, travel, camps & clinics)

1. Basic Registration Fees
This fee goes to a variety of student events, activities, recognitions, programs, textbooks, equipment, supplies, and postage. Valley High charges a smaller pro-rated registration fee. $105.00
Online Summer Credit Fee per Quarter (.25) Credit $50.00
Online Recovery Credit Fee per Quarter (.25) Credit $50.00
2. Course Fees and Charges
Entry Level Elective Class Fee Up to $20.00 Fitness for Life Competency Test $35.00
Advanced Level Elective Class Fee Up to $30.00 Fitness for Life Make-up Test $35.00
Driver Education $140.00 Summer Participation Skills and Techniques (PST) Competency Class $120.00
Driver Education Summer Session $160.00
  • CTE Class Fees (see information below)
3. Extracurricular Participation Fees - Per Sport/Activity
Baseball, Drill Team, Football, Softball, (each) $175.00 Cheer, Swimming, Tennis (each) $75.00
Basketball, Golf, Marching Band, Color Guard (each) $150.00 Music Performing Groups (each) $50.00
Dance Company, Lacrosse, Soccer, Volleyball, Wrestling (each) $125.00 Theatrical Production (per production) $40.00
Cross Country, Debate, Track & Field, Winter Guard (each) $100.00 Wrestling Bio-electrical Impedance Assessment (Body Fat) Initial & Re-Take $5.00 - $10.00
4. Extracurricular Uniforms Fees
Cheer Uniform Up to $300.00 Music Performing Groups (Instrumental & Vocal) Uniform Up to $150.00
Cross Country Uniform Up to $150.00 Swimming Uniform Up to $75.00
Golf Uniform Up to $150.00 Tennis Uniform Up to $150.00
5. Additional School Fees Submitted by School Administration
Bingham High Herriman High Riverton High JATC
Copper Hills High Mountain Ridge High West Jordan High Valley High
Click on your school name above to show individual school fees
6. Camps and Clinics
Jordan School District endorses school run camps and clinics that are conducted in accordance with district guidelines. The total cost per student for a single camp or clinic shall not exceed $7.00 per hour of instruction (i.e., a five hour clinic cannot exceed $35.00 per student).

School Run Camps and Clinics Guidelines

7. Student Travel Fees
All requests for overnight travel must be approved by the Principal, Administrator of Schools, and Business Administrator. Additionally, overnight travel must comply with all requirements outlined in the District Student Travel Policy.

AA414 – Student Overnight Travel

8. Student Admission Fees (Per student, per event)
Banquets Up to $20.00 Plays, Musicals, Concerts Up to $10.00
Dances & Proms Up to $40.00
UHSAA Admissions
Activities sponsored by Utah High School Activities Association (UHSAA) may not exceed limits established by the Association or assigned Region.
9. Other Fees
*AP Testing Fee Up To $98.00 Field Trip Transportation Fee $3.00
Calculator Rental Fee (optional) Up to $20.00 Food Handlers Permit Up To $25.00
Cap & Gown Up to $40.00 Jordan Symphony Orchestra $100.00
Class Changes (non-essential, student requested) $5.00 Make-up Quarter (.25) Credit Class $35.00
Clubs - Approved Non-Curricular Clubs (renewed annually) Up to $20.00 Musical Instrument Rental (per instrument) $80.00
Clubs - CTSO/Curricular Clubs (ongoing) Up to $40.00 Non-District Test Proctoring $35.00
*Concurrent Enrollment
Application Fee
Up To $45.00 Parking Permit $20.00
$5 Per Credit Tuition Fee
(Per Course)
Up To $20.00 *Parking Citations $20.00
Enrichment Labs (after school AP programs) $35.00 *Parking Boot Up To $75.00
Field Trip Experience Up to $15.00 *Yearbook $50.00
  • Some elective CTE courses may have additional fees. These fees will be included on individual school pages identified on number 5 above.

*In accordance with USBE Rule - R277-407-2, the identified charges are non-waivable.

School Fees Parent FAQs

Pursuant to Utah Code 53G-6-702 through section 705 and Utah Admin. Code R277-494, students who attend a charter school, private school, or home school and participate in extracurricular and/or co-curricular activities are subject to the following:

Extracurricular/Co-Curricular Activities:
1. Charter and Online School Students
     a. Charter/Online school pays a one-time annual school participation fee of $75.00 per student
     b. Student shall pay all required student activity specific fees
     c. Charter/Online school pays any waived fees

 2.  Private or Home School Students
       a. Student shall pay the basic registration fee and any required student activity specific fees.

Any mandatory payment for student participation in a class, program, or activity is a fee and is subject to the fee waiver requirements.

All fees listed are the maximum amounts charged per student for each class or school sponsored or supported activity. Actual amount charged may be less.