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Fee Waiver Guidelines

Fees, as identified by the Jordan District Board of Education, will be waived in accordance with the Utah State Board of Education standards for students whose parents or legal guardians verify evidence of inability to pay. Inability to pay is defined as those who are in state custody, foster care, or receiving public assistance in the form of Aid for Dependent Children, Supplemental Security Income, or are eligible according to Income Eligibility Guidelines July 1, 2023 to June 30, 2024; and, that case-by-case determinations are made for those who do not qualify under one of the foregoing standards, but who, because of extenuating circumstances such as, but not limited to, exceptional financial burdens such as loss of substantial reduction of income or extraordinary medical expenses, are not reasonably capable of paying the fee. (The receipt of unemployment compensation and/or reduced price school lunch does not constitute public assistance as defined above.)

To apply for a fee waiver the parent or legal guardian must submit the School Fee Waiver Application in addition to income verification, if applicable, to the local school administrator. The parent or legal guardian will then receive a Fee Waiver Decision and Appeal Form stating whether or not the application is approved.

If a request of a fee waiver is denied, the student or parent may appeal the decision to the Jordan School District Administration. If the administration upholds the decision to deny the fee waiver, the student or parent may appeal to the Jordan School District Board of Education.

Donations to help pay for student fees                                                                                                                                                          Money given to a Jordan District school or to the Jordan Education Foundation for the purpose and intent of covering a specific student’s school, academic, team, sport or other fees is not allowed under IRS specifications. Money directed to a specific individual or student is considered a gift by the IRS and not eligible for a tax deduction.

A donor however, may give to a school, teacher’s classroom, club or athletic team as a whole for the purpose and intent of benefitting the entire school, classroom, club or team as a whole – not a specific student.

Donations cannot be required in order for a student to participate in a school sponsored activity.